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Metline Industries is a professional manufacturer, distributors and supplier of high quality Incoloy 825 condenser tubes, with annual sales of over 2000 tons. Incoloy 825 are high-performance qualities and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It performs well in both low and high temperature applications where other materials such as steel and aluminum would fail, and is also resistance to pitting, corrosion cracking and crevice. Metline manufactures high temperature cooling tubes for condensers and heat exchangers to various industries.

  • Incoloy 825 condenser pipes & tubes are supplied with Plain end, Bevel end, Square cut under request, and deburring. Incoloy 825 condenser tubes are commonly manufactured with an O.D. of 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″. Some applications, particularly ammonia chillers, use larger O.D. tubes than these. Incoloy 825 condenser tubes can also be internally and externally enhanced to further increase their efficiency.
  • We are recognized as a leading supplier of Incoloy 825 condenser and boiler tubing and pipe, meeting the needs of fabricators and producers for straight length, finned, and U-bend materials. Incoloy 825 condenser tubes are specifically designed to efficiently condense process fluid off of the outside of the tube. We use our resources and experience to offer our customers an extensive array of alloys and products, provide the quality each customer expects at the lowest possible cost and deliver it on time. We work together with our customers to develop lower cost options.
  • We are a leading stockiest and supplier for the welded Incoloy 825 condenser tubes as per ASTM, DIN and ASME standards. Metline Industries specialized in heat exchanger/condensers tubing, which are manufactured using superior grade of steel. We can offer 100% Hydrostatic Test or 100% Eddy Current Test for all the condenser tubes supplied by us. All tubes are accompanied with certifications as per EN 10204 3.1.

Production & Supply Range for Incoloy 825 Condenser Pipes & Tubes

ItemIncoloy 825 Condenser Pipes & Tubes
SpecifcationASTM B163, B423, B704, B705
Size3/8″ OD to 3″ OD (Imperial and Metric sizes)
Thickness1 mm- 13 mm
Length3 MTRS, Custom Length
Test CertifcateEN 10204 3.1